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propmodo floor plans

Boosting a Building’s Value From the Ground Up: Why Floor Plans Matter

Do you know why blueprints are called blueprints? In 1842, an astronomer/mathematician turned chemist discovered a way to copy a drawing photographically. The process was called cyanotype because the chemicals used in the solution would turn a copy cyan-blue. Engineers quickly adopted this process to replicate complex mechanical drawings and the blueprint was born. 

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supply chain and commercial real estate

The Supply Chain Crisis and Commercial Real Estate Technology

According to Prologis and Savills, industrial building vacancy is reaching an all-time low (even 2.0% in some markets) and will not be able to support the rapidly growing market demand for space until supply catches up. It has taken too long for real estate professionals to admit that building technology is a NEED to have, not a nice to have. The days of looking at technology costs as anything other than critical when assessing building budgets are over.

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