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propmodo floor plans

Boosting a Building’s Value From the Ground Up: Why Floor Plans Matter

Do you know why blueprints are called blueprints? In 1842, an astronomer/mathematician turned chemist discovered a way to copy a drawing photographically. The process was called cyanotype because the chemicals used in the solution would turn a copy cyan-blue. Engineers quickly adopted this process to replicate complex mechanical drawings and the blueprint was born. 

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adaptive reuse project for commercial real estate

How Adaptive Reuse Can Double Your ROI in Commercial Real Estate

"Don't recreate the wheel." "Imitateingly innovative." Landlords love to copy each other but aren't afraid to recreate the wheel when figuring out how to maximize a building's potential and gain a competitive advantage. COVID shook the industry to the core. Office building owners were left with high vacancies, shrinking tenants, and questions surrounding the viability of the office building for the long term. They want faster, cheaper alternatives that acquire tenants without paying for new buildings. Who doesn't want to save time and money? One of the best ways to do this in commercial real estate is through adaptive reuse.

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