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Automating Commercial Real Estate Marketing | The One Challenge That Slows Workflows

Big data solve big problems, and it's no different when used in the commercial real estate industry. Real estate companies need a steady flow of business goals completed to keep their business operations running smoothly. The goal should be to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible so they can focus more on the flow of communication with their prospective clients and marketing and sales teams. It all starts with data. However, for an organization to use data analytics, it must first have access to accurate information.

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How Office Buildings Are Made: What All Project Managers Must Know

The world is changing faster than ever. A decade ago business owners never would have expected to be having lease negotiations on Zoom or bother to consider how a company can coordinate a construction project via Slack. Changes like these cause you to shift your perspective and create new solutions to make sure your entire team benefits from it, and it’s no different than optimizing it with office buildings.

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