Benefits of Next-Gen Revenue Management and Automation in Coworking

As the coworking industry continues to grow, providers face new challenges related to revenue management and automation. Managing inventory, leases, and pricing can be complex and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies and missed revenue opportunities. That's why the next generation of revenue management and automation tools is gaining popularity in the coworking industry.

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Automating Commercial Real Estate Marketing | The One Challenge That Slows Workflows

Big data solve big problems, and it's no different when used in the commercial real estate industry. Real estate companies need a steady flow of business goals completed to keep their business operations running smoothly. The goal should be to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible so they can focus more on the flow of communication with their prospective clients and marketing and sales teams. It all starts with data. However, for an organization to use data analytics, it must first have access to accurate information.

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esg sustainable investing

ESG 101: A Guide to Create a Sustainable Business

Successful companies know that their reputation is what matters in the long run because it affects the way people see their branding image and the overall probability of success as a company. They want to stay within the guidelines of what makes them different, have an impact on the world, and prevent any mishaps down the road that could have been avoided.

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propmodo floor plans

Boosting a Building’s Value From the Ground Up: Why Floor Plans Matter

Do you know why blueprints are called blueprints? In 1842, an astronomer/mathematician turned chemist discovered a way to copy a drawing photographically. The process was called cyanotype because the chemicals used in the solution would turn a copy cyan-blue. Engineers quickly adopted this process to replicate complex mechanical drawings and the blueprint was born. 

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commercial real estate office building meeting

How Office Buildings Are Made: What All Project Managers Must Know

The world is changing faster than ever. A decade ago business owners never would have expected to be having lease negotiations on Zoom or bother to consider how a company can coordinate a construction project via Slack. Changes like these cause you to shift your perspective and create new solutions to make sure your entire team benefits from it, and it’s no different than optimizing it with office buildings.

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