We created floorwire to eliminate the mysteries and time-consuming waiting games for square footage numbers and floor plans

Floorwire is a cloud-based platform that allows commercial landlords to have optimal square footage numbers and realize a return on every inch of space in their buildings. Floorwire enables landlords to have confidence in the integrity of their floor plans anytime, anywhere. This prevents data inaccuracies, increasing the rent and value of their buildings

Our Mission

Every year commercial real estate landlords waste billions of dollars due to wrong square footage numbers. Data transparencies and outdated workflows are the biggest concern for commercial real estate companies to date. Working in silos hurts everyone. The frustration to work with limited and outdated square footage information leads to stress along with potential losses

The possibilities are endless for owners to make profits, except it’s hard to access concrete numbers with human errors

It’s unnecessary to have possible errors when there is an automated alternative that can replace the current system of tracking floor plans

Floorwire is here to change this and to create a streamlined system to organize accurate information and prevent the headaches along with it

We created floorwire so building owners can have total ownership of their floor plans in a seamless, centralized platform. We understand that mistakes can cost fortunes, so it’s better to invest in a tool to make fortunes instead